Periscope (and toilet seat) DOWN!!! :(

OK fellas… This is VERY important! Get in the habit of putting that toilet seat DOWN after you’ve hannled yo biznezz in the bathroom. DOWN! There are several reasons for this…… First of all, if your girl happens to be “slim of lower body proportion” or just so happens to ‘not have an ass’, she […]

Advice For the Ladies

The ladies have arrived, y’all! 😀 Now, this isn’t just a forum for the fellas to learn how to get on from the world renowned DatingGenius!!! 😀 This is an equal opportunity group! hehehe So here’s some free advice for the ladies of…… (clearing throat) ………. Men are dogs. That is all. 😀 DatingGenius

Do guys really care how chicks look?

Roxanne writes: I’ve heard both. “Guys go for the pretty girls.” But I’ve also heard that guys think girls fuss way too much over their appearance. Like makeup for example. Most guys really don’t care that much about it? What’s up with this big disconnect? Wow, Rox… That’s a REALLY good question, which unfortunately calls […]

How to treat the ‘birds’

Young brother Rob has joined us from Newcastle, UK. I’m not sure how close that is to Nottingham Forest, but the same rules apply for you that applied for Robin Hood’s Merry Men! ….. shows how much I know about the UK :/ ….. The birds really enjoy….. um… do y’all still call them ‘birds’? […]

She’s Right!!!

Yes sir, fellas…. your girlfriend/wife/whatever is right. She’s correct. No doubt… …… …….. :/ ….. “She’s right about WHAT?” you ask? ….. EVERYTHING!!! 😀 That’s right! The key to YOUR happiness is that your girlfriend IS RIGHT! “She’s right” makes her feel good and then she makes YOU feel good, dig? 😀 If she’s WRONG… […]