Gossip & Hearsay

tRHoNYC 2011After fast-forwarding through 93% of this week’s tRHoNYC, I stumbled upon a fascinating conversation.

Ramona decided that she wanted to confront Jill about something.

I found this interesting because Jill had disappeared for several episodes on some kind of trip, and when she returned, it seems that she’s shed about half of her bodyweight. I completely didn’t recognize her and thought they had added a new Housewife.

Upon her return, she stated that she’s turned over a new leaf and isn’t interested in gossip anymore. From what they showed of her since then, she’s not only stuck to that, but she used to get this anxious look on her face, like she couldn’t wait to get involved in the beef and get her licks in, but now, she seems to be listening to what’s going on without actually being invested in it. Continue reading “Gossip & Hearsay”