Explaining To Morning Joe How Trump Forked Himself

Bragging about doing something is completely different from denying that you’ve ever done it.

This morning, Thursday, October 13th, 2016, Joe Scarborough said “I’m skeptical about the timing of all of this dropping, talking about an October Surprise, when again, as you said, there have been 1,000 triggering events that would have made sense….. I’m just asking why suddenly all of this stuff is all blowing up in October… Perhaps it’s all innocent. Perhaps there is no Oppo Drop. Perhaps it’s not coordinated.”


So.. πŸ˜€ Backing up to the 2nd Clinton / Trump debate, I’m sitting there watching the event live when this interaction occurs between Anderson Cooper and Trump: Continue reading “Explaining To Morning Joe How Trump Forked Himself”

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Debate #01 Review

Hillary won, but Trump didn’t lose.

Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate handily, but not by as much as she needed to.

People who are intelligent enough and well-read enough to understand what they were saying to each other are clear across the board that Hillary won.

Other people either don’t have the time or the interest to achieve this understanding, so for them, Trump wasn’t exposed as being incompetent, which is the only thing that might erode his base. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Debate #01 Review”

Ron Paul Wins Last Night’s CNN Republican Debate

Ron Paul clearly won last night’s CNN Republican debate.

Watch this 28-second video to understand why. πŸ˜€

Ron Paul FTW

Ron Paul clearly won last night’s CNN Republican debate.

Watch this 28-second video to understand why. πŸ˜€

YouTube Link => youtu.be/YZPexbzJUU4

If you didn’t/couldn’t see the video, here’s what’s said in it:

  • John King: “Congressman Paul, you’ve questioned the Conservative.. Fiscal Conservative credentials of all these gentlemen, but particularly this week, senator Santorum. You have a new television ad that labels him a fake…. Why?”
  • Ron Paul: “Because he’s a fake! πŸ˜€ HAHAHAHAHA”
  • Crowd Cheers, Laughs, and Applauds.

Continue reading “Ron Paul Wins Last Night’s CNN Republican Debate”

Bye Bye, Fake Republican Candidates! :D

Tonight’s debate should be the final stage appearance for several of the fake Republican candidates that we’ve had to suffer through hearing about over the recent months.

Unfortunately, every time a Republican pundit is asked whether so-and-so is going to quit the race, they keep saying that it depends on when they run out of money.

Of course, this sucks. They can’t be booted for saying and doing stupid things, and they can’t be booted for not answering questions that are obviously going to sink them in the general election. Continue reading “Bye Bye, Fake Republican Candidates! :D”

You’re Going To Have To Debate President Obama

I still say the Republicans haven’t fielded their real Presidential Candidates yet, and they’re using the current set as bait, to see how the Democrats treat them and how their ideas are received by the American public.

The names I mentioned a long time ago, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are popping up more and more frequently on the talk shows, while the Republican pundits look and sound less and less confident of their chances to defeat President Obama in the upcoming election, as well they should.

I had wanted to talk about specifics about last night’s Google / Fox News debate, but the candidates’ commentary and behavior was redundant, so I’m just going to keep this very simple, so simpletons can understand this.

Whomever the Republicans send to the big dance is GOING. TO. HAVE. TO. DEBATE. BARACK. OBAMA. Continue reading “You’re Going To Have To Debate President Obama”

Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 03]

Continued from Part 01 and Part 02

Jon Huntsman

If it were up to me, which, of course, it isn’t.. I’d send Jon Huntsman to attempt to defeat President Obama in the next election.

IMO, he carries himself Presidentially, which makes sense, since he served in the administrations of four United States presidents… Something’s gotta rub off, right? >:D Continue reading “Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 03]”

Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 02]

Continued from Part 01

I had wanted to do a play-by-play breakdown of what had happened at the Republican Candidate Debate, but I didn’t complete it before President Obama’s speech, and now I have different things to discuss.

Rick Santorum

I hadn’t been aware that he was running. I had heard his name around the time of the Iowa Straw Poll, but since Michele Bachman came in first and Ron Paul came in second and Tim Pawlenty quit the race entirely, I had figured that everyone behind Pawlenty (4th place and down) would bounce as well. Continue reading “Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 02]”

Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 01]

The first Republican GOP (“Grand Old Party”) Presidential Candidate Debate of the 2011 season aired last night.

I wouldn’t normally… ok.. I have never watched something like this in my entire life, because I don’t care. Ultimately, there will be a Republican selected to run against President Obama, who will win or lose. That’s how Presidential elections go in the USA.

Hail Mary

I’m interested this time because I became interested in what the Republican plan for 2012 was going to be the day I found out they selected Sarah Palin to attempt to become Vice President of the United States of America, running with John McCain. Continue reading “Republican GOP Presidential Candidate Debate 2011 [Part 01]”

Younger Women Keep You Alive!

So I’m browsing the internet, and there’s this big hubbub about McCain calling Obama “That One” in tonight’s Presidential debate, and then there’s another video where he’s supposedly NOT shaking Obama’s hand.

I don’t care about any of that, even though there’s a lot of talk about how McCain won’t look Obama in the eye. What I noticed, from looking at the tape of the supposed McCain snub was McCain’s wife.

Every time you hear about McCain, it’s about how old he is. πŸ™‚ So I never thought about it… I just assumed his wife was old, too. So when I was watching this video, and he points Obama towards his wife, I was like “Wait a minute… She’s not that ancient”.

So I googled her, and according to wikipedia, Cindy Lou Hensley McCain is only 54 years old, born in 1954. The media won’t let us forget that John McCain is currently 72 years old, born in 1936. That makes their age difference 18 years!… Play On, Playah! πŸ˜€ Now THAT’S Pimpin’! πŸ˜€

So now, hopefully, people can stop CRYING about guys dating younger women… like VASTLY younger women. Maybe McCain could do some PSAs entitled “Younger Women Keep You Alive!” πŸ™‚

Think about it… at only 54 years old, Mrs. McCain probably still goes to the gym. She would also be ‘hip’ to dinner parties happening around town, which is much better than spending his evenings playing “Bingo!”.

Her clothing selection‘s going to be 20 years more up-to-date, and it’ll be way more likely that the bouncers will let him in the club with her, in case they don’t recognize who he is. (The point being that in some NYC clubs, you need to be with ATTRACTIVE women, or else they’re not letting you in, regardless of how many mediocre chicks you brought out with you that night)

Also, her night vision’s still probably pretty good, in case someone has to drive somewhere after 8pm.

You don’t have to worry about any of your boys rapping to her, because all your friends are from *your* century.

This is great! πŸ˜€ NOW people can stop crying about “What do you have in common with a gal so much younger than you are?” like as if it matters.

Now that I think about it, Sarah Palin was born in ’64, which makes her TWENTY-EIGHT years younger than McCain! Play On, Playah! πŸ˜€

Younger women are more fun and energetic, because they didn’t have to live through The Depression.

Younger women are sexier, because they grew up dancing to The Beatles instead of Merv Griffin.

Anyway, you see my point. πŸ™‚ Now, maybe people can STFU and mind their own business when a guy’s tryinna kick it to a younger female. You know what they say… “A younger woman a day helps keep the doctor away”. πŸ™‚

… or was that an apple?