Brian & Jeff update

Sorry for the delay, to those of you that have asked me if there has been any more news about Brian Conley & Jeff Rae. Kenyatta Cheese posted this yesterday to “Around 5 am US Eastern Standard Time Brian’s family received calls from the US Embassy in Beijing. An Embassy representative had visited Brian […]

Ten Days in a Chinese Jail

Sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it? 🙂 Nope. Unfortunately, that was the verdict handed down for Brian Conley, Jeff Rae and four other Americans who were detained in Beijing for “upsetting public order”. From the AFP article: [link] “In a brief faxed statement, the city police information department said “Thomas” and five other foreigners […]

Brian Conley & Jeff Rae updates

No word yet about Brian Conley & Jeff Rae, who were detained in Beijing approximately 60 hours ago. Nathan DeFreitas posted an update link on my previous post, “Citizen Journalists detained in China” which says: “… but the Chinese government under law has 72 hours before it is required to notify an embassy about foreign […]