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Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness are all lovely, so long as nothing important is at stake.

My excellent friend Dina Kaplan wrote an article entitled “Why I’m Over Authenticity: The Intersection of Honesty and Empathy”.

You would have to know more about Dina to appreciate the article the way I do, such as watching this presentation she gave:

Even without background information, the article by itself stands alone and most likely speaks for a lot of people who experienced the same types of things she did.

I’m now going to be as authentic as I can / want to be about some of the sections of her article.

[NOTE: This is my third version of this article, hahaha] Continue reading “re: Authenticity” NYC Holiday Party 2010 NYC Holiday Party 2010 (December 10, 2010):

Bill & Dina
Bill & Dina

Mike & Bill
Mike & Bill

Grace, Bill & Charles
Grace, Charles & Bill


Do we look different? o_O (April 07, 2007):

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Angela, Bill, Dina & Mike

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Angela Freeburg, Bill Cammack, Dina Kaplan & Mike Hudack

Photo by Brian Van Nieuwenhoven

Blip on Blip #30: Grace Piper – “Fearless Cooking”

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Prod/Edit/Camera: Bill Cammack’s Dina Kaplan interviews Grace Piper about social media, branding and her show/site Fearless Cooking

Grace Piper & Dina Kaplan

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