Intro: How To Create Your Own Job

The way things are going, it’s looking like you might need to create your own job instead of waiting for someone to create one for you.

This is easy to do, but it’s also easy to do WRONG, so let’s discuss a few topics that might help you do things the right way and become self-sufficient.

I Don’t Want To Make Hit Records

As some of y’all know, I’ve been focusing on my music thing for around a year now. I’ve been MAKING and recording music forever, already.. It’s just that with the new tools that are available, I decided I wanted to learn something new and get really good at mixing music. I’ve done that now. I’m […]

Social Media Budgeting (Cars, Not Trophies)

Social Media People always want to know how to make money with social media. The problem is that social media doesn’t make money FOR you. Social media ENABLES YOU to make money…. maybe. Everybody wants to know how their sales are going to increase once they hire you to create a website or set them […]

How To Split Screen Without A Greenscreen – RockStar 0010

Bill Cammack shows you how to shoot and edit a split screen video performance without using a greenscreen or a bluescreen. Formats available: iPod (.mp4), Apple TV (.mp4), Phone (.3gp), Audio (.mp3)

How To Make A News Show – RockStar 0007

Bill Cammack shows you how to make your own News Show using Final Cut Pro. Formats available: iPod (.mp4), Phone (.3gp), Apple TV (.m4v)   Tags: bill cammack, reelsolidtv, rockstar, fcp, final cut pro, how to, edit, news, pip, diy, picture in picture