Sex Tapes Are Played Out

There seems to be some confusion amongst some of the members of the female community about the value of making and attempting to distribute a sex tape “starring” yourselves. I’m sorry to inform you that sex tapes are played out.

“Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Rap” Indy Mogul Test Film

Show: Indy Mogul Episode: Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Rap Director/Editor: Erik Beck Harry Potter: Michael Johnson Voldemort: Doug Cheesman Lee Jordan: Bill Cammack     Download the Wizard Rap .mp3 =>

King of New York

So, this morning, I decided to Google Bill to see how I was doing. I’ve been struggling recently, because of the Stimulus Bill, which had displaced me to about #12 out of 438,000,000 but I knew this was a flash in the pan and would be old news in a second, and I’d be back […]