Bill’s Dating Tips For Women [Part 03]

As a follow-up to my 2008 post “Women’s Guide to NYC Dating”, I’d like to offer the ladies some of my top tips for those of y’all that are currently involved in the dating scene:

Who Cares How Your Day Was?

An incredibly common complaint that women have about men is that guys never ask gals how their day was. That’s because we don’t CARE how your day was. Did you consider that? Guys tend to ask about things that they actually care about, are thinking about, or would like to hear about. What happened to […]

STFU Technique

I don’t care about a lot of things, so I don’t know about a lot of things. I couldn’t give a flying #&%$ about trivia, politics, the weather or just about anything else. What I *am* fascinated by is what women do and the mental processes they utilize to arrive at their decisions. I receive […]