E-Stalking [Part 4]

I dropped my e-Stalking series in 2008. At the time, I was talking about asynchronously getting to know someone by reading their blog posts, listening to their podcasts, watching their videos & live streams and coming to your own conclusion about who they are, what they’re like and what they like to do without them […]

Lindsey & Bill: Does He Want To Be Friends?

Lindz from NNN / Tumblr joins me for a conversation about the ifs and whens of guys being friends with girls….. B: So… Every Day, there’s some chick that’s completely confused as to whether some guy that she knows wants to be “friends” with her. This happens in both directions… There are chicks that WANT […]

E-Stalking [Part 3]

… continued from E-Stalking [Part 1] and E-Stalking [Part 2] Now, I FIIIIIIIIINALLY get to the part about why *I* E-Stalk. 🙂 First of all, it’s FUNNNNN!!! 😀 I really enjoy reading about what people think about themselves and comparing that to my impressions of them. It’s so interesting when someone attractive thinks they’re not, […]

E-Stalking [Part 2]

… continued from E-Stalking [Part 1]… So… I’m minding my business, like I love to do… (my sister’s patented story-opening line)… and I start getting hits from Melissa’s site… In the first line of her post, Being a Relater, I saw my full name and a link to my site. To this point, I’ve only […]

E-Stalking [Part 1]

So I stopped by Melissa’s blog, and I’m skimming/reading her ideas, and I see this post called Stalking 101. The reason I decided to blog about reading her post is that she was blogging about exactly what I was doing at the time. 🙂 I decided to check out her reasons for googling people (searching […]