Street Game 07: Ladies: Meeting Men Without Looking Easy

Bill & Frank discuss how the ladies can meet men without looking cheap or easy! Listen / Download => Audio Version (.mp3) [12:18] Send “Street Game” questions to @BillCammack or More Episodes:

Why R&B Music Works On Women

R&B Music (Rhythm & Blues) is a well-known and oft-utilized tool for getting women to do what you want them to do without putting in any work yourself. Fantasy vs Reality Lots of women have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. They’re also willing to make leaps of faith that defy logic and don’t make any […]

Why You Got Dumped After Sex

I’ve been suffering recently from listening to some incredibly short-sighted views about WHY women get dumped right after they give it up. This phenomenon is known as “hit it and quit it” or “pump it and dump it”. Women try to avoid this situation to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, their abilities are practically […]