What About The Proletariat? [Time, Part 11]

Reader “Justin” asked me what I thought about Net Neutrality the other day, and my response was basically “Not Much”. His question and the ensuing conversation reminded me of a broader topic, which is “What about the proletariat?”: The proletariat (from Latin proletarius, a citizen of the lowest class) is a term used to identify […]

Team Selection [Hunters, Part 12]

I touched on this briefly in “Wingman Responsibilities [Hunters, Part 01]”, but if you’re putting together a crew of dudes to pull chicks or even just working with one other guy, Team Selection is CRITICAL. Sometimes, the reason you don’t get on is that you doomed yourself from the beginning by selecting the wrong team […]

Why R&B Music Works On Women

R&B Music (Rhythm & Blues) is a well-known and oft-utilized tool for getting women to do what you want them to do without putting in any work yourself. Fantasy vs Reality Lots of women have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. They’re also willing to make leaps of faith that defy logic and don’t make any […]