“Moral Failing” In Relationships

So, check this out! 😀 haha Some dude hooked up with a maid behind his wife’s back, right…… No.. Not Arnold! 😛 This other guy, and then all he had to do to get over was label it a “Moral Failing”!!! 😀

Check out what the Associated Press says he said:
(mind you.. dude was speaking French, so someone may have jacked up some of his intentions or meanings when they translated it to English, but I’m sure they caught the main gist of what he was saying)

DSK ArticleDominique Strauss-Kahn broke his silence four months after a New York hotel maid accused him of sexual assault, calling his encounter with the woman a “moral failing” he deeply regrets, but insisting in an interview on French television Sunday that no violence was involved.

Is this not the absolutely BEST THING since sliced bread? 😀 hahaha a “Moral Failing”??? 😀 .. What The Hell is a Moral Failing??? Continue reading ““Moral Failing” In Relationships”