The Lab – Episode 02: Response To Randolfe

In response to The Lab Episode 02: American Pimp Randolfe wrote: Now, this was really entertaining and very cool. I’ve always been fascinated by the world of prostitution. Thanks. 🙂 Initially, I didn’t think the world of prostitution was interesting at all. It’s just not sporting… paying someone to have sex with you. It’s like […]

Manual Focus

One thing to look out for in doing close-up videos of yourself is auto-focus. If you’re shooting something where everything’s far, like a street fair, the camera doesn’t change focus much, because everything’s the same distance away. If you’re up close, and you move… the camera tries to focus on something else… like the wall […]

Creative Commons

An interesting difference between doing your own videos for fun & entertainment and creating video for broadcast is that you are forced to become generic. Instead of being able to use anything you want and do anything you want with it, there are many things to be avoided in the production of a video. As […]

Destiny? Fate? Meaningless Coincidence?

So I get on a bus, today. I normally don’t get on buses, but I decided to try one today. Not just any bus, but a bus going out of state. Not like a public bus or something. I get my ticket at the bus terminal and walk to the waiting area. I get in […]