Indy Mogul: Behind The Scenes – “The Spirit’s Day Off”

Tom Smalls demonstrates the compositing techniques he used to edit Indy Mogul’s “The Shadow’s Day Off”:

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How To Make A News Show – RockStar 0007

Bill Cammack shows you how to make your own News Show using Final Cut Pro.


How To Color Correct Obama

Formats Available: iPod (.mp4)

Whomever you think is the best candidate, it’s in your best interest to VOTE this Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 in the United States Presidential Election.

Bre Pettis, Justin Johnson, Clint Comer and I are all releasing new videos every weekday of November 2008, and re-releasing “old” videos every Saturday and Sunday. Check the far right sidebar for avatars with links to their videoblogs.

My first contribution is this video I made in March, 2008 which shows how to scene-match video footage using filters in Final Cut Pro. I figured I’d bring it back since the election’s so close, and it reminds me of how different things were back in March, before the Democrats or Republicans had selected their representatives and before their representatives had selected their running mates.

It’s been interesting. Let’s see what happens on the 4th! 😀

Bill – Chicago Edit

Bill Cammack - Post Production (Editing)

Bill – Edit, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack.

Bill Cammack – Post Production (Editing)
Chicago, IL

It’s easy to take people for granted that you see all the time… Until you’re in a totally different place and can’t reach out and touch them…

Editing Tips: FCP – Indy Mogul “4 Minute Film School”

In this episode of Indy Mogul‘s “4 Minute Film School”, Emmy Award Winning Video Editor, Bill Cammack, teaches Steve some handy dandy tips for using Final Cut Pro.

Written & Edited by Steve Nelson & Bill Cammack
Park scenes filmed by Ramon DeSouza

295 ReelSolid.TV s03 ep013 – How To Properly Color Correct A Presidential Candidate

Bill Cammack‘s ReelSolid.TV Screencast series. Episode 002 – How To Properly Color Correct A Presidential Candidate.

Learn how to scene-match video footage using filters in Final Cut Pro.