Indy Mogul: Behind The Scenes – “The Spirit’s Day Off”

Tom Smalls demonstrates the compositing techniques he used to edit Indy Mogul’s “The Shadow’s Day Off”: YouTube Version Related Posts: “The Spirit’s Day Off” – Indy Mogul Test Film Bill Cammack is The Millipede Bill Cammack on Indy Mogul

How To Split Screen Without A Greenscreen – RockStar 0010

Bill Cammack shows you how to shoot and edit a split screen video performance without using a greenscreen or a bluescreen. Formats available: iPod (.mp4), Apple TV (.mp4), Phone (.3gp), Audio (.mp3)

How To Make A News Show – RockStar 0007

Bill Cammack shows you how to make your own News Show using Final Cut Pro. Formats available: iPod (.mp4), Phone (.3gp), Apple TV (.m4v)   Tags: bill cammack, reelsolidtv, rockstar, fcp, final cut pro, how to, edit, news, pip, diy, picture in picture

How To Color Correct Obama

Formats Available: iPod (.mp4) Whomever you think is the best candidate, it’s in your best interest to VOTE this Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 in the United States Presidential Election. Bre Pettis, Justin Johnson, Clint Comer and I are all releasing new videos every weekday of November 2008, and re-releasing “old” videos every Saturday and Sunday. […]