“Game Change” Review [Part 01 of 02]

“Game Change” is an HBO film about Sarah Palin that was based on a book that was written by the dude that called President Obama a dick on national television:

What It Is

“Game Change” is an HBO film about Sarah Palin that was based on a book that was written by the dude that called President Obama a dick on national television:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/449FGJwDQRY

According to the interviews I’ve seen, the book is actually about both the Democrat and Republican races in 2008, but since they had to condense it to a 2-hour movie, they elected to focus on the Palin angle.

Also according to video footage I’ve seen, both Palin and John McCain have denounced the film, even though neither had seen it at the time of their interviews, but that makes sense if they weren’t personally consulted about the script and the potential authenticity (or not) of the book it was based on. Continue reading ““Game Change” Review [Part 01 of 02]”

La Forza Del Destino

ok. This sucks. Some meetup. :/ How does it happen that there’s a meetup and you’re THE. ONLY. ONE. that shows up? At least they could have picked a bar with attractive girls. Damn. I’m practically bored to death… Good thing I like beer.

*Future-Bill laughs at me as he would have just whipped out his g1 and invited more ladies to the bar to keep him company*

It’s funny how you can tell all the patrons here are locals. They all walk in the door with that same dull, lifeless look, select a booth and begin chattering away with people about things that don’t matter at all and that they won’t remember tomorrow. They’re already resigned to the fact that nothing good’s going to happen in their lives today, so at least they can have a drink and a conversation before going to sleep… again….

ok… The chick that just walked in the door doesn’t belong here. She looks too intelligent for this crowd… Continue reading “La Forza Del Destino”

Is it possible?

Is it possible that she could actually be this stupid? I mean, really… A grown-ass woman. :/ Two kids.. Neither of them in the single-digits… And here she is, sitting right across the table from me, FRONTIN’!

What happened to last night? Sounds like that joke, right? “That’s not what you said last night!” (actually, usually utilized as “That’s not what YOUR MOMS said last night!” in order to get on your opponent’s nerves). I mean, wait a minute… Continue reading “Is it possible?”

She Loves It

She’s smarter than me… smarter than I….. smarter than I am…. Maybe not. However, she loves it and that’s what makes her dedicated to what she’s talking about to the degree that she can talk circles around me and I basically struggle to throw in sentences that amount to “oh, really?” 😀

I’m not saying “oh, really?” but relative to the technical content of what she’s saying vs what I’m saying, I might as well have said “How about them Yankees?”, except that would have appeared to have been an attempt to change the topic as opposed to engaging her in something she enjoys talking about. Continue reading “She Loves It”

Fiction / Changes

Having read Steven Alleyne’s post: “Dating on the north side of 40 following a very long-term relationship”, I’ve been inspired to “start” writing fiction.

I’m making some changes around here, having written DatingGenius for around two years now.

I’ve already started my first post, and it’s really fun to write so far. All of my “fiction” isn’t going to be FUN, that’s for sure, but I have a good starting point, and I think this is going to be a really good time.

Of course, DG will continue, but this is a different and refreshing outlet for me. 🙂

Also, I’m branching out into collaborations with other sites & shows. I’ve done all I can to build this sit on my own and I’m very happy with it, but I’m extremely BORED with it. Time to flip the script and get some new action going….