Jersey Shore s03 e07 [Part 02]

Let me skip ahead to a couple of peripheral storylines before I get back to the Sammi/Ronnie shenanigans.. Dress To Impress I keep telling y’all females to stop dressing like bums around your man. Nobody wants to see that. If you insist on putting forth your worst-possible visual presentation and he keeps dating you, it’s […]

Renzo Gracie Sherdog Interview

It turns out that Sherdog interviewed Renzo this morning @ 4am. Click the link to go to the page with the interview video. Basically, Renzo confirms exactly what I said last night, which was obvious from watching the fight footage on DVR. He also makes a very good point about position. With the control […]

Renzo Gracie vs. Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock decided to knee Renzo Gracie in the back of his head… TWICE!!! while they were both on the ground. That’s clearly illegal, and Shamrock was rightfully DISQUALIFIED. The win goes to Renzo Gracie. It’s pretty ridiculous that Shamrock’s “defense” was “I thought we came here to fight”. That doesn’t have anything to do […]