Jersey Shore s03 e07 [Part 02]

Let me skip ahead to a couple of peripheral storylines before I get back to the Sammi/Ronnie shenanigans..

Dress To Impress

I keep telling y’all females to stop dressing like bums around your man. Nobody wants to see that.

If you insist on putting forth your worst-possible visual presentation and he keeps dating you, it’s in your best interest to figure out some special occasions to hook yourself up for him so he remembers why he kicked it to you in the first place.

Jenni’s boyfriend, Roger is about to leave town for a week or two, so she decides to “give him something to think about before he leaves”. Excellent idea, even if it may have been based upon trying to get him not to mess with other chicks until he gets back.

It’s ALWAYS a good idea for y’all to give your guy(s) something to think about. If your man isn’t thinking about YOU, he’s thinking about some other chick. Beleedat. Continue reading “Jersey Shore s03 e07 [Part 02]”