How To Deny Allegations

I was in Brooklyn Friday night. That means that I wasn’t in, say.. Zimbabwe, Africa.

If someone hires Gloria Allred to say “Bill Cammack was in Zimbabwe Friday night! :O”, I’ll probably ignore it completely.

If I elect to speak on it, I’m going to say “No.. In fact, I was not in Zimbabwe Friday night.”, and that’s going to be the end of it.

Vulnerability vs. Strength

Vulnerability My friend Ja-Naé Duane recently wrote a blog post entitled “The Power of Vulnerability”. Here’s her video where she discusses what’s on her mind: YouTube Link => I think she made some interesting points… She’s inspired me to chat a little about vulnerability vs. strength.

Do I Know You?

I’ve been transparent on the net since 2006, almost three years ago. In that time, I’ve gotten extremely used to people knowing SOMETHING about me before they meet me. Some people know that I edit. Some people know that I hang out with a lot of chicks. Some people know I’m into Social Media, etc […]