Sex & Politics (Dating Outside Your Party)

Like Spike Lee said, “You don’t throw away a Rolls Royce because it has a dent in it”.

Reader “Terry” brought my attention to an article about Stacey Dash endorsing Mitt Romney for PotUS on Twitter -> TWITTER EXPLODES AFTER BLACK ACTRESS ENDORSES ROMNEY AS THE ‘ONLY CHOICE FOR YOUR FUTURE’

So, first, I got a decent laugh out of the title, then I read some of the article: Continue reading “Sex & Politics (Dating Outside Your Party)”

T&A For Sale

I’d love to hear from some of the ladies on this topic. What’s the deal with chicks selling T&A in internet videos? I don’t have to point any fingers, because y’all know who y’all are, and you know what you’re doing, but this video I just watched by TokenBlackChic hits the situation right on the head:


What I’d like to know from the ladies is “What, exactly, is your intended career path after amassing fans by selling T&A?” Continue reading “T&A For Sale”

What Do You See As The Future For Major Media Companies?

I was fortunate enough to attend a New Media Dinner last night which was hosted by Mr. Strauss Zelnick and featured a discussion moderated by Mr. David Remnick.

One section of the discussion focused on the print media and their online properties vs random bloggers….. (Like MEEEEE!!! *waves* :D). David asked the group [paraphrasing] “What do you see as the future for major media companies?”. I elected not to say anything, because as y’all know who read my material, I don’t like to throw in two cents and leave it at that. I wouldn’t have been content with throwing my idea out there and having the conversation just move on, so I saved it for this morning.

Basically, the point was that there have been major publications like the New York Times (NYT) and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and television networks like ABC, CBS & NBC that have had the media industry ON SMASH for, like, forever. That’s all going away now, because everybody has phones that either have still photo or video capability and everybody AT LEAST has a blog, and at most is hooked up to some sort of live-streaming site like Qik. All bets are OFF when Ustream releases their iPhone app. It’s going to be live video straight to people’s phones… crazy! 😀

Anyway, the question was basically how people saw these Mainstream Media (MSM) groups evolving to keep up with and remain viable in these changing times. My prediction will be based on several things that guests brought up during that discusssion.

Fact vs. Opinion

In any situation, there are at least two elements. There are “The Facts”, and then there are people’s OPINIONS ABOUT “The Facts”. Continue reading “What Do You See As The Future For Major Media Companies?”

I’ve Seen The Future

You just can’t believe me
When I show you what you mean to me
You just can’t believe me
When I show you what you cannot see

~ New Order ~

That song is entitled “Confusion” but I wanted to quote it here, because growing up, I thought it was “THE FUTURE!!!” hahahaha 😀

I just visited my friend Amanda Gravel’s website, Social Honeycomb and read her new post about the future, which started out being about a tattoo, but evolved into a lesson everyone should pay attention to…

My takeaway from Amanda’s post has to do with progression… Progression, as she mentions, from Point A to Point B. There’s the progression from the past to the present and also the progression from the present to the future.

Progression from the past to the present is recognized via hindsight. You get to look at who you were in the past and how you used to act through the eyes of who you are today. You might not have recognized the importance of people’s actions back in the day, but having progressed to the present, often, one achieves a better understanding of what people did for them in the past. That might have been the friends you made that taught you how to deal in life, your parents who paid for your college education and made sure you had the best of everything, your best girlfriend that you’re still tight with while her last three boyfriends have come and gone…. It’s easy to not recognize these things and reach back and give thanks to the people that helped you become who you are today. Amanda’s post reminds us to give propers where they’re due and recognize those who planted the seed that you carried to fruition during your turn in the spotlight.

Progression from the present to the future, as she says, is inevitable… However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to take advantage of that. Many people give up, because they don’t know any better. Many people assume they can’t do anything more in life and reach a plateau… never reaching their true potential because they stop believing in themselves too soon. The future’s coming… whether we act or not. This is *your* chance to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Planning for the future and envisioning what you’d like to happen is the first step towards achieving your goals.

It will always be right now.

Right now, you have the chance to build your future the way you’ve always envisioned it.

Make It Happen…..