Marissa Mayer Discusses SkyNet… er, Google

21 minutes into this video, Kevin Rose asks Google’s Vice President of Search Product and User Experience, Marissa Mayer “Is Google Skynet?” on behalf of someone who asked the question online and 182 people who voted for that question. Her first two words are “Uhhhh.. Well…. :D” There are a lot of people that think […]

g1 Cupcake Camcorder App Video

Watch/Download (.3gp) I just got my "cupcake" update for my g1 (gPhone).  One of the interesting new features is an app called "Camcorder" which allows you to take video with your phone. The format is apparently ~350 kbps h.263. Frame Size: 352 x 288 Audio: AMR Narrowband Mono, 8 kHz. 20 Frames Per Second (FPS) […]