Video Games & Dating, Part 01

Ladies… If you really want to learn about your man’s personality, hang around him when he’s playing video games. All of y’all that are dating gamers know I’m telling the truth. The way he plays his games is the exact same way he’s going to interact with YOU….. um… assuming that he cares as much […]

Games Without Frontiers (NYC Mercs)

I’ve always loved the song “Games Without Frontiers” by Peter Gabriel. For me, the song has an incredible mix of depression and hope. There’s power and powerlessness in the face of “the game” at the same time. I never get a feeling that one person is going to “win out” over the next person. I […]

Dilution of Experience

It’s very tough for me to write this morning (Saturday, March 07, 2009). I have a couple of topics, but they’re only partial thoughts. Normally, when I post, I can see all the way to the end before I even start writing. I had a really *QUALITY* time last night, and it’s blocking my ability […]