Selina’s “Bill Cammack” Animoto Montage

um… WOW! hahaha 😀 This is all @Brett‘s fault. Brett put up a reward for a picture of me when I wasn’t posing, and @Skyle figured she’d cash in!!! :O Unfortunately, Selina didn’t know how hard it was going to be to get paid, so she had all these extra attempts and decided to make […]

Hermann, Bill, Sarah, Charles and Grace

The lineup left to right. Hermann Mazard, Bill Cammack, Sarah Cooley, Host of the Blip,tv Party Charles Hope and me Grace Piper, originally uploaded by gpiper. Hermann Mazard, Bill Cammack, Sarah Cooley, Charles Hope and Grace Piper Summer Party, 2009

Time, Part 02

Continued from “Time, Business & Handouts [Time, Part 1]” In the very beginning of 2009, after I had aired my grievances with 2008 and was feeling, mentally, so fresh and so clean [clean], I ended up in a f2f conversation with a client one evening. Jill, Bill & Flo The reason I mention that it […]