Who Said We Were Friends? o_O (or: “She Could Get It”)

The point being that if women understood dating clearly, they would have a better time of it.

One of the problems that lots of women have with dating is that they refuse to understand/believe/accept that men and women are playing two different games. Men understand this and women don’t, which leads to lots of women falling for the okey-doke when they really don’t have to. Continue reading “Who Said We Were Friends? o_O (or: “She Could Get It”)”

When Men “Catch Feelings” Before Women [Part 01]

Reader “J” asked me an interesting question, which was “What happens when men ‘catch feelings’ before women? o_O”

Reader “J” asked me an interesting question, which was “What happens when men ‘catch feelings’ before women? o_O”

Catching Feelings (Catchin’ Feelin’s) is a slang term that basically amounts to you can’t just let a good, fun, mutually-beneficial, probably-sexual relationship be what it naturally is, and you feel the need to add ish into the game that wasn’t originally a part of it, and all of a sudden, you turn into a Klingon (see what I did there?.. Cling-On? >:D) and start overplaying your position, trying to put labels on the situation, and campaigning for exclusivity when nobody offered you that in the first place. Continue reading “When Men “Catch Feelings” Before Women [Part 01]”

Men Buy Sex

Men buy sex. Get over it.

Here we go again. :/

HuffPo announced yesterday that more dudes are being investigated for “misconduct” because of their interactions with hookers.

First of all, that’s not “misconduct”. That’s “conduct”.

Men buy sex. Get over it. Continue reading “Men Buy Sex”

Platonic Relationships

The problem that I have with the concept of platonic relationships is that relationships are defined by the individual, not by the couple.

Platonic Relationships

Here’s a fun video about why men and women can’t be “just friends”:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/T_lh5fR4DMA

Granted.. It’s easy to skew a video like this by asking 100 gals and 100 guys if they believe men and women can be “just friends” and then only airing the responses from the gals that say “Yes” and the guys that say “No”.

Regardless, I think the video points out something interesting about so-called “Platonic Relationships”. Continue reading “Platonic Relationships”

Girls Don’t Have Friends That Are Guys

Now.. Before you start crying about the title, haha “Girls don’t have friends that are guys” is a direct quote from Vinny on Jersey Shore, from when Sammi was trying to convince Ronnie that this other guy she invited to come see her at a club was a “friend” of hers.

I already talked about that situation in “We’re Just Friends!!!”, so go check that out if you want the background details from the episode. Right now, I want to speak generally about people who pretend to be “friends” with other people. Continue reading “Girls Don’t Have Friends That Are Guys”