Overweight And Starving

Reader Charles mentioned on Facebook the other day that he was overweight. I found this ridiculous, because Charles isn’t overweight.

When I went to the link he posted, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index, I found out not only that Charles IS overweight, but so am I!!! 😛 Continue reading “Overweight And Starving”

Instant Weight-Loss

My first day back in the gym was Saturday, two days ago. I had meant initially to go every day after that, but I hadn’t counted on getting in as good a workout as I did that day.

I’ve always had the top-level membership to my gym, so I didn’t realize that if you have a lesser membership, there are times that you’re actually restricted from using the gym. This is FANTASTIC!!! because people that have no reason to pay more can’t even show up until like two hours after I get there. Continue reading “Instant Weight-Loss”

Plan C! – Skate To The Gym

ok… Here we go AGAIN! 😀

The last entry I made in my “Gym” category was back on August 4th. The plan at the time had been to increase my weight by 20-30 lbs. That didn’t work AT ALL and right after that, I got bogged down in work to the point that I wasn’t thinking about or caring about working out at all.

When I started putting my game plan together for 2010, I realized that the area I needed to make the most improvements in physical shape. I’m always in good physical shape because of my parents’ genes, but I used to be in the gym every day and I used to enjoy the soup-up-factor of being in insane shape. It was necessary for sports I used to play and it makes it about a gazillion times easier to pick up chicks when all you have to do is take your shirt off. 🙂 Continue reading “Plan C! – Skate To The Gym”

Plan B!

About two weeks ago, I announced that I was going to try for 190lbs. That plan is SCRUBBED, as of yesterday, haha. It’s not going to work. 😀

The first thing I did was overeat. That immediately put me to sleep for a couple of hours, so I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to sustain my productivity with this style. After that fiasco, I switched up to eating a bunch of small meals all day. This works out fine, and at this point, on a scale that I wasn’t using for my previous weight assessments, I’m a consistent 164, which is actually a perfect spot for me to hop back in the gym. Continue reading “Plan B!”