Overweight And Starving

Reader Charles mentioned on Facebook the other day that he was overweight. I found this ridiculous, because Charles isn’t overweight.

When I went to the link he posted, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index, I found out not only that Charles IS overweight, but so am I!!! πŸ˜› Continue reading “Overweight And Starving”

Instant Weight-Loss

My first day back in the gym was Saturday, two days ago. I had meant initially to go every day after that, but I hadn’t counted on getting in as good a workout as I did that day.

I’ve always had the top-level membership to my gym, so I didn’t realize that if you have a lesser membership, there are times that you’re actually restricted from using the gym. This is FANTASTIC!!! because people that have no reason to pay more can’t even show up until like two hours after I get there. Continue reading “Instant Weight-Loss”

Plan C! – Skate To The Gym

ok… Here we go AGAIN! πŸ˜€

The last entry I made in my “Gym” category was back on August 4th. The plan at the time had been to increase my weight by 20-30 lbs. That didn’t work AT ALL and right after that, I got bogged down in work to the point that I wasn’t thinking about or caring about working out at all.

When I started putting my game plan together for 2010, I realized that the area I needed to make the most improvements in physical shape. I’m always in good physical shape because of my parents’ genes, but I used to be in the gym every day and I used to enjoy the soup-up-factor of being in insane shape. It was necessary for sports I used to play and it makes it about a gazillion times easier to pick up chicks when all you have to do is take your shirt off. πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Plan C! – Skate To The Gym”

Plan B!

About two weeks ago, I announced that I was going to try for 190lbs. That plan is SCRUBBED, as of yesterday, haha. It’s not going to work. πŸ˜€

The first thing I did was overeat. That immediately put me to sleep for a couple of hours, so I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to sustain my productivity with this style. After that fiasco, I switched up to eating a bunch of small meals all day. This works out fine, and at this point, on a scale that I wasn’t using for my previous weight assessments, I’m a consistent 164, which is actually a perfect spot for me to hop back in the gym. Continue reading “Plan B!”

190 lbs… or else!!!

Having nothing better to do with my life, I decided about 5 minutes ago that I’m going to attempt to make myself 190 lbs… just to see how it is.

My previous weight limit was 160 lbs, but I passed that pretty easily the last time I started working out. I made it to around 163 or 165 IIRC. The last time I was serious about the gym was a week after the last post I made to my Gym category… whenever that was.

Do I think I’m going to make it? No. πŸ˜€ It would mean I’m putting on at least 20 lbs, assuming that I’m currently 170, which I doubt.

We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep y’all informed. πŸ˜‰


Gym, Day 10

Technically, this is gym day #10, but it’s actually #9, because I just posted on that day, so I haven’t been to the gym since day #8 which was the 13th, 4 days ago.

in 165.2
out 165.6 (water)

Yes, I already took Brian’s advice and I’m not concerned with my actual weight at this point. I’m still going to mark it down for archival purposes.

I still had zero motivation after four days out of the gym, but I felt like going today to see what would happen. It was too cold to go to the real gym, so I went to the bogus gym and got what I paid for.

Of course, there were a bunch of people there, so I ended up waiting around for a couple of the machines, and it was impossible to find a couple of sets of dumbbells I wanted to use, because there’s only one or at the most TWO sets of each, and people take them with them to the ends of #&$*(#& creation to do sets and then don’t bring them back to the racks. :/

I had decided that the only thing I was really interested in today was working towards getting my dips/pull-ups back in order on the weight-assist machine, but without using the weights. The problem with this particular machine in the bogus gym is that there’s no function to change the width of the dip bars. Since I’m a slimmer person, that means that as I’m doing dips, my arms aren’t where they’re supposed to be, at my sides. Instead, my arms are kind of out to the sides as if I’m about to draw two guns in a western movie. :/

Obviously, this means that I’m using more sets of muscles than I’m supposed to, and I’m not getting to isolate my triceps & chest properly during the dips.

The wide-grip pull-ups weren’t that bad, but the close-grip COMPLETELY SUCKS, AND is also too wide for my frame, so I end up holding my arms like a referee right after someone kicks a good field goal. :/ Continue reading “Gym, Day 10”

Gym, Day 09 (notes)

Reader Brian, from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia left me some GREAT comments that I just read on “Gym, Day 08”.

Let me first say that THIS is the benefit of self-expression on the (literally) world-wide-web. I can’t explain to you how amazing and incredible it feels to have people reading and responding to my posts, LITERALLY from around the entire world. πŸ˜€ Bill Cammack Recent Visitor Map - Jan 07, 2009
I can’t explain it because I couldn’t have explained it to myself before I got involved. It really expands your mind and your “vision” beyond localities and territories.

It’s really fantastic that Brian a) read my post, and b) commented. It’s icing on the cake that what he had to say was on-point, thought-provoking and useful. I wanted to be sure to respond in a post instead of just in my comment section.

Brian: “Throw your scales in the river. They are demotivating and often very misleading. Water retention/loss will mask any short term changes.”

That’s what I was noticing, and the reason I started marking in AND out weights. The reason I was paying attention to weight at all is that I stay at a base weight unless I really make a big deal out of consuming extra food (and formerly weight gain formulae and protein drinks). Back in the day, when I would TRY to gain weight, I had to pretty much stand perfectly still not to lose it all back, haha. This was fine down the line, when I wanted to ‘cut up’, but it was a drag for the overall prospect of gaining weight. Continue reading “Gym, Day 09 (notes)”

Gym, Day 08

in 164.6 (electronic)
out 165.0 (water during workout)

Complete and Utter lack of motivation.

I opted out of the real gym yesterday (part of my lack of motivation is now lack of motivation to BLOG about my lack of motivation! πŸ˜€ ) and went slummin’ in the convenient gym. I was totally and completely disinterested in going, but I know that if I don’t, it’s eventually going to get to warm weather and I’m going to wish that I HAD gone, so I went.

My recovery system’s down to < 24 hours and will eventually be < 12 hours. I decided that I was going to work on sections I needed to work on rather than concentrating on a routine or overall plan. The electronic scale said 164.6 lbs. Admittedly, it's a slight rush to be ~3 lbs heavier just by getting on a different scale, haha. It takes weight to push weight, so for some reason, I just felt better, even though, mentally, I knew there wasn't any difference and that if I went back to the metal scale, I'd be back down to 161. Continue reading “Gym, Day 08”

Gym, Day 07

in: 161.5
out: 162.25

I knew this morning that something was “wrong”. I was actually fully recuperated yesterday, and could have gone to the gym then, but I decided to hold off until today, just to see the difference. Today, I was completely ready to roll, but I had a hard time getting to the gym.

Physically, I’m doing fine. Mentally, I’ve hit a stage that I had forgotten about, which is “lack of motivation”. I’m basically already satisfied with how I look, which is the purpose of working out if you don’t play a particular sport. It’s like when Fonzie goes to the mirror and tries to comb his hair, but before he touches himself, he’s like “AAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY πŸ˜€ ” and just walks away, hahaha. So I knew I needed to go to the gym today, I knew I could have gone yesterday but chose not to, and still, I just didn’t feel like going, haha. πŸ˜€ Continue reading “Gym, Day 07”