Appreciate Your Girlfriend

Appreciating your girlfriend is one of the best things you can do to keep your relationship fresh, interesting, and exciting. 😀

All too often, we completely ignore or just plain fail to acknowledge “the little things” that our gals do for us that make our lives so much better.

Sure.. We make sure she “gets hers”, but other than that, what are we really doing for the special women in our lives? o_O Continue reading “Appreciate Your Girlfriend”

Google Voice Search Video Review

Bill Cammack reviews Google Voice Search for Desktop.

Opt-In to Google Voice Search =>

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Why Married Men Have Sex With The Hired Help

By now, you’ve heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was banging the hired help while he was married and having kids with his wife.

For some people, this was a surprise. I suppose they never read my 2008 article “Political Sex Scandals”.

I suppose they also never saw this video of Schwarzenegger in Brazil back in the day:

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Vulnerability vs. Strength


My friend Ja-Naé Duane recently wrote a blog post entitled “The Power of Vulnerability”.

Here’s her video where she discusses what’s on her mind:

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I think she made some interesting points… She’s inspired me to chat a little about vulnerability vs. strength. Continue reading “Vulnerability vs. Strength”

Dating Encroachment & “Inappropriate” Behavior

So I’m reading my friend’s blog post, entitled Date Review: Space Invader, and she’s basically talking about this dude she went out with for the first time that was overstepping boundaries that she had set up for herself.

Her reactions to what he was doing happen to be rather typical, so even though I responded with a comment on her article, I think these things are worth going over at length, so maybe y’all chicks can gain a better understanding of what’s really happening to you when you go on dates. Continue reading “Dating Encroachment & “Inappropriate” Behavior”