Virtual Virgins (You Got Served)

So, I’m talking to this chick I know, and she’s telling me about this ultra-positive, transformative physical experience she had with a guy.

I’m listening to what she’s saying, and while she’s astounded, I’m thinking “Finally… Someone did the right thing.”

I explained to her that what dude did, while uncommon, was exactly what he was SUPPOSED TO DO if his goal was to show her a good time and/or lock her down.

Are You A Virgin?

Unfortunately, the way the game’s set up, with guys having to convince women to have sex with them and women deciding whether they want to lay down or not, it’s not conducive to guys actually putting in WORK when they finally get on. Continue reading “Virtual Virgins (You Got Served)”

FWB (Friends With Benefits)

The other night, I had a fascinating conversation about what “Friends With Benefits” (FWB) means.

FWB is an umbrella term that covers more than one situation.

The “Benefits” part is the same, regardless… Sex, Hooking Up, Physical Intimacy, whatever you like to call it.

The “Friends” part is what’s really in question. Continue reading “FWB (Friends With Benefits)”

Ho Into A Housewife?

Reader “Buxom” left a comment the other day on “Why You Got Dumped After Sex that requires its own post to discuss:

Buxom: I need some advice. About a year ago I removed myself from an 8 year relationship after finding out my ex got not one but two women pregnant.

Good Idea.

Buxom: I uprooted my life and moved back in with my mother and went back to school. After 6 months of dating with no “hooking up” I realized I had unresolved trust issues and wasn’t ready to be in another relationship.

Bill CammackThis makes sense. Part of entering a “relationship” with someone is vetting them.. personally vouching for them. You decide, using your own instincts that this person is trustworthy and actually loves you, yadda yadda.

When you find out something like dude hooked up with not only one, but TWO OTHER WOMEN (that you’re aware of) without using protection during an 8-year relationship with you, potentially endangering your health and or ENTIRE LIFE in the process, it’s going to be a traumatic experience. Continue reading “Ho Into A Housewife?”

Why You Got Dumped After Sex

I’ve been suffering recently from listening to some incredibly short-sighted views about WHY women get dumped right after they give it up. This phenomenon is known as “hit it and quit it” or “pump it and dump it”.

Women try to avoid this situation to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, their abilities are practically ZERO, because they don’t understand WHY they got dumped.

Love 'Em, Leave 'EmThe popular belief is a time-based cause & effect. Because she gave it up too soon, she got dumped. The problem with this line of “reasoning” is that women play hard to get and stall guys to the point where they feel they’ve outlasted the “she gave it up quick, she’s a slut” stigma, then fiiiiiiiinally have sex with the guy and he vanishes into thin air.

What’s your excuse now? 😀 You didn’t give it up quick. It wasn’t EASY for him to get on. You made him take you out over and over and introduce you to his friends and/or family. You made him buy you stuff and tell you that he loves you and that you’re in a committed relationship together. You did everything you were supposed to do, and as soon as you gave him some, *BAMF*, you never hear from him again. hahaha Ah Well… C’est La Vie. Que Cera, Cera. Easy Come, Easy Go haha no pun intended. 😀

So let’s look at some of the reasons you got dumped right after having sex with your so-called boyfriend. Continue reading “Why You Got Dumped After Sex”