Being Like Me Isn’t Like Being Me [HoC S01EP06-S02EP02]

Even if you fully understand what I’m doing.. Which you don’t, because nobody told you.. That doesn’t mean that YOU can do the same thing and achieve anywhere near the same results.

So now I’ve made it through Episode 02 of Season 02 of House of Cards.

In our previous discussion, I mentioned how they were writing for the long game. I also mentioned what I had thought was going to happen to the hooker in Bald Guy’s car, which didn’t happen….. And then it happened to a totally different character, which I personally saw coming from a mile away, but was still brilliant writing by the HoC staff, and I’m sure it caught people who don’t edit television shows totally by surprise.

The short version is that someone who was being trained in the arts thought they had graduated when she had not, and she paid for that gross miscalculation with her life.

These episodes also continued the (annoying to me, but probably prevalent in real life) show’s theme of people assigning importance, relevance, and power to themselves that doesn’t exist now and never existed to begin with.

Tantrums. People puffing their chests out and proclaiming what they are and aren’t going to do. Blah Blah Blah until the bored dragon decides to breathe fire and turn them into bacon faster than seeing Medusa. Continue reading “Being Like Me Isn’t Like Being Me [HoC S01EP06-S02EP02]”