Men Buy Sex

Men buy sex. Get over it.

Here we go again. :/

HuffPo announced yesterday that more dudes are being investigated for “misconduct” because of their interactions with hookers.

First of all, that’s not “misconduct”. That’s “conduct”.

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Are you a Sex Addict or just a FREAK?!?!

David Duchovny made the news recently for entering a rehabilitation facility for sex addiction. This made me wonder how it’s determined that someone’s a sex addict.

Nowadays, the scheme is to make everything a disease so they can sell you the medication to fix yourself. You’re not MAD AS HELL… you have anger management issues. You’re not BORED AS HELL, you have attention deficit disorder. You’re not OBESE, you have weight management issues. You’re not SHORT THAN A MUG, you’re vertically challenged. You’re not a BUM, you’re homeless. You didn’t DIE, you passed on…..


So I decided to research exactly what it’s supposed to mean when they say someone’s sexually addicted or addicted to sex. Interestingly, I came across a great article that my friend Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote in November, 2007 for The Huffington Post, entitled “Am I A Sex Addict? Are You?”, which is really technical and virtually saturated with links on the topic, so if you’re interested in more background on this topic, go read Rachel’s post. 🙂

Bill Cammack & Rachel Kramer Bussel
Bill & Rachel

Now… It took me a long-ass-time to research this stuff, because like I said earlier, the scheme nowadays is to take some normal-ass behavior and claim that it’s a problem so they can get your money to ‘fix’ you. Here are opening paragraphs to some of the sites I visited: Continue reading “Are you a Sex Addict or just a FREAK?!?!”