Nobody’s Created Equal [Hunters, Part 09]

Bill CammackProbably the worst mistake a Hunter can make when he’s heading out to pull chicks is assuming that he and the next man are equals.

There’s no such thing. Nobody’s created equally and nobody develops their looks, physique, personality or game equally. Continue reading “Nobody’s Created Equal [Hunters, Part 09]”

Energy [Hunters, Part 06]

Bill CammackEnergy is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT if you’re planning an evening of kickin’ it with chicks. Not like Food Energy, but perhaps a socialization energy that you need to receive, cultivate and then maintain throughout the night. Continue reading “Energy [Hunters, Part 06]”

Styles [Hunters, Part 05]

There are two ways to Hunt… “On The Sneaks”, and “In Your Face”. Each style comes with its own positives and negatives…

The upside of being sneaky is that it works. >:D All you have to do is tell a chick she’s the only one blah blah blah and you can have whatever you want from her. This is the mode most Hunters use, since the entire goal of The Game is to enjoy the women you meet.

Bill CammackThe downside of acting like you’re actually going to keep a chick comes when it’s time to get rid of her. :/ That’s why I’m #19 out of 33,500,000 Google results for How To Break Up With Your Girl.

After a while, breaking up with chicks honestly becomes a drag, assuming you actually liked them as people when you were hooking up with them (which is nowhere near a “given”), so you have to figure out techniques to get rid of them where they still feel happy about themselves, even if they have to hate YOU for it. Continue reading “Styles [Hunters, Part 05]”