How You Get It Is How You Keep It

Ladies.. Please pay attention to what you’re selling…

One of the most annoying things in life is when the only thing of any potential value a chick presents to potential suitors is T&A, and then she cries about it when dudes hit it and quit it. 😀 Continue reading “How You Get It Is How You Keep It”

Unequal Relationships

Unfortunately, the nature of relationships dictates that people ACT AS IF they’re equals, even if it’s clear that they aren’t.

I’m not aware of many equal relationships. Most of them consist of one person that was sweating another person, and then the sweatee agreed to date the sweater.

That’s not to say that equal relationships don’t exist. I’m sure there are lots of them.

I’m just saying that in most cases, one person has more power in the relationship than the other one does, regardless of whether the “stronger” person utilizes that power against the “weaker” one or not. Continue reading “Unequal Relationships”

The Dog Stays.. You Go.

Women tend to overestimate their position on the totem pole relative to other aspects of men’s lives, such as their cars, friends and pets.


Women tend to overestimate their position on the totem pole relative to other aspects of men’s lives, such as their cars, friends and pets.

Think about it.. If a dude has had a dog for like 20 years and then a gal shows up and tries to regulate, talkin’ ’bout he has to get rid of the dog, she might find her bags packed and waiting for her at the door after he hits it one last time.

Speaking of which, if dude hasn’t hit it yet, she has no pull, whatsoever. He can get a new woman that he ISN’T having sex with, immediately. He can’t get a new beloved pet, so she might have to take a long walk on a short plank. Continue reading “The Dog Stays.. You Go.”

That’s Your Man’s Problem

I just watched this Paul Newman film that was released in 1967, called “Hombre”.

Skipping past the race-relation value of the film, while I was watching it, I was amazed (yet, not) about what they were asking Paul Newman’s character to do in the situation they were in.

Basically, some guy stole money from the people that raised Paul Newman’s character, like in a significant amount that it endangered their lives. This guy had that money and his wife on a stagecoach that Paul Newman happened to be on.

The stagecoach got robbed, and criminals stole the money from the dude that had stolen it from the people. They also took the dude’s wife. Continue reading “That’s Your Man’s Problem”

Why You Can’t Get A Boyfriend In NYC

Reader “Susan” left quite a lengthy comment on my post Women’s Guide To NYC Dating, so I decided to make my response to her its own post so we can all benefit from this discussion…

Hi Bill, well thanks for the long response.

Just to let you know, back in about February a few months after having moved (as a life-long new Yorker) to the midwest, I met a guy. Actually, I met a couple guys. Hell, I could have met more had I went out on the town a fraction as often as I did in New York. But the one I’m dating is a keeper. We quickly became boyfriend-girlfriend, and it’s WONDERFUL. Hell, I need to start practicing yoga to limber up. Every moment is wonderful, and we both acknowledge it. Easily. I trust, I give, I need, and I am trusted, given to and needed. We think it’s because we have ‘perspective’ as he says. He’s not that experienced, nor am I, even at my age. And this is the one thing I’ve always been looking for in a person. It’s hard to even explain, if I had more time…

I’m very happy for you, Susan. 🙂 I hope you get to enjoy your relationship with this fellow for a very long time.

This is what happens when you move to the sticks. You automatically remove the rest of your competition. It’s much easier for ANYBODY to shine in an environment where they happen to be an anomaly. Continue reading “Why You Can’t Get A Boyfriend In NYC”