316 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep034 – illdoctrine.com: “New Spirit”

Mix, entitled “New Spirit”. From original illdoctrine.com videos Beating The Little Hater and Ballad of The Little Hater. Formats available: iPod (.mp4) | Audio (.mp3) My friend Jay Smooth does a video blog he named illdoctrine.com. When I first found out about ill doctrine, I was like Aw Man! It’s On NOW!!! 😀 I intended […]

Blip On Blip #26: Ten Shows & What They’re Doing Right

Formats Available: 720p HD (.mp4) Eric Mortensen, blip.tv’s Director of Content Development talks about ten blip.tv shows and what they’re doing right. Producer/Host: Eric Mortensen Camera/Post: Bill Cammack Featured Shows: MobLogic, Ill Doctrine, The Alcove, Heathens, The Clip Show, The Monitor, Midwest Teen Sex Show, Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary, Just The Facts, The Latest Show […]