Why Professionals Avoid Web Video

In professional productions, broadcast or corporate, there is a deadline. If you miss that deadline, you lose. If you don’t want to miss that deadline, you have to hire someone competent and trusted. People competent and trusted have rates. If you don’t want to pay that rate, you can hire someone else. Since you have […]

Are You A Tech Elitist?

Are *you* a Tech Elitist? If so, how’s that workin’ for ya? As it’s now Christmas, and we think of The Grinch sitting high on the hill, looking down on all the little people of the village with contempt… Let’s consider our own positions in our respective fields and how we’ve chosen social media sites […]

Sex Sells!!!

Ladies… When you want your man to do something, make sure you LOOK GOOD when you ask him! 😀 Guys need INCENTIVE. That incentive comes from either desire or fear. If he desires you, then he’s going to FEAR not ‘getting some’, so you get a double bonus by hooking yourself up and looking proper […]

The Lab – Production Log Pickup 04

I had used the time between when I “finalized” my final revision of my dialogue script (as final as it was going to be until I actually started saying the lines and feeling them out), and when I was emotionally prepared to “attack” my lines to finish the rest of the edit. Everything was done […]

Videoblogging Careers

Response to Penelope Trunk’s article on videoblogging as a career. Penelope: I understand your point about your blog being about careers. As someone who was pointed to this page directly, having zero context for your statements, I read the title literally: “Thinking of video blogging? You should probably forget it.” and that’s what I responded […]