The Rings Of Conversational Hades

Some people just can’t stay quiet long enough for you to tell them the information they’re supposed to be commenting on.

I know people whose brains work in a strange way where they love to… In fact, I think they CAN NOT HELP nitpicking your sentences because their worldview is more important to…. Because their worldview naturally overrides in their brain what you’re trying to tell them.

They just can’t listen and STFU until you get your entire point across.

This means that you either have to keep stopping your sentence to accommodate their worldview to their satisfaction, or you just ignore what they said and keep talking about what you wanted to tell them.

Keeping stopping is annoying and worthless and the constant interruptions are badgering and mental.

Ignoring them causes them to get mad that you’re ignoring them and keep asking you about the same nonsense until you don’t want to talk to them at all and don’t give a damn about offering them the education they would have gotten if they knew how to have a damned conversation. Continue reading “The Rings Of Conversational Hades”

Why Women Go To The Bathroom Together

Bill_Cammack_GSX-R_NYC_Night.jpgFrom time immemorial, guys have wondered why women go to the bathroom together. Well… The Kid‘s about to let you know what the real deal is! 😀

Here are five reasons why women go to the bathroom together:

1. Cockblocking

If there’s one thing women love, it’s NOT MINDING their own business. The only thing they love more than that is stopping YOU from getting laid. It’s one of the two things they do to guys that make them feel accomplished in life….

If you’re talking to a gal and her homegirl comes over uninvited, she’s trying to block ONE OF YOU. There’s a very, very, very, VERY low-percentage chance that she’s trying to steal you from her girlfriend. I’ve had this happen, and most of the time it’s been because the blocker considered herself as trumping the blockee in looks or sexuality. It’s basically “If SHE can get the rap to him, I know that *I* can get him too / instead”. It’s flattering and all that, but it’s also corny. Just be happy for your girl and stay out of her business. Stop being greedy & competitive. Continue reading “Why Women Go To The Bathroom Together”

How To Clown Yourself

Make no mistake. This is not a post about how to CLONE yourself, but rather how to CLOWN yourself. Some guy caught feelin’s over what President Obama said in a speech the other night and screamed out “YOU LIE” while the President of The United States Of America was speaking. hahahahaha um… WHAT? hahahahahaha 😀

Here’s the video clip. Dude flips out at 1:28…

Now.. The Kid don’t care about politics AT. ALL. Not AT ALL! 😀 However, are several lessons to be learned here.

Hold Your Head

First of all, what you want to do in any situation, especially a situation where you’re in public, especially a situation when you’re around people you do business with, especially in a situation where you’re around your superiors, especially when you were PRIVILEGED enough to be sitting in the same room with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, hahaha you don’t want to forget who you are and what your station is in life.

If you’re a member of the House of Representatives and the President is talking, STFU.

If you’re a Private in the armed forces, and a General is talking, STFU.

If you’re an employee and the CEO is talking, STFU.

This is known as RESPECT. If people begin to believe that you don’t know how to respect your superiors, you will be shunned. Beleedat. Your superiors will see you as an insubordinate. Your peers will see you as a liability. Nobody wants to be the man next to the man that can’t control himself. Nobody wants to suffer guilt by association. Continue reading “How To Clown Yourself”

How to *NOT* be a creep

The way the dating game works, guys have to be the aggressors and girls choose from the suitors who present themselves. There are several reasons for this, including women attempting to avoid the stigma of being considered hoes for stepping up front and telling a guy what they really want to do with him. Another reason is that gals tend to be more relationship-based, while guys are more get-laid-based.

What this creates is an uneven playing field where guys are always playing offense and girls are always playing defense. I had a rare opportunity, recently, to watch a creep operate… Let me back up a bit…

What/Who is a Creep?

Creep?A creep isn’t defined by tactics. A creep is defined by whether a chick wants to kick it to him or not. If a girl likes you, you can say just about anything you want to her, and she’ll go for it. She wants you to want her. She’s excited that she excites you. You can literally walk up to a chick and say “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” and she’ll make out with you, because that’s what she’s been daydreaming about this whole time since she first saw you…. kissing you, not you saying some corny, meaningless line.

So, a creep is a guy that a chick DOESN’T want to talk to her, but insists on talking to her anyway. He could be the most polite, well read, gentlemanly blah blah blah but if she’s not interested, he’s a nuisance that she needs to get rid of ASAP. Not only is he annoying, but he’s taking up space where a guy that she REALLY wants to meet could be standing and she could be enjoying herself.

So I had been about to say “I recently got to see a creep operate”, but that’s not actually true. I’ve seen creeps operate lots of times, except they’ve been friends of mine, so I’ve been hoping that they get on. Sometimes, the creep was ME! 😀 What I should have said was that I had the rare opportunity to watch some creep I don’t know operate, and because of that, I can now write up my favorite tips on how to *NOT* be a creep: Continue reading “How to *NOT* be a creep”