How Social is “Social” Media?

Jonny Goldstein interviewed me back in August 2007 on his show Jonny’s Par-Tay [link]. Looking at the countdown timer to the end of the show, around -18:00 he asks me “So… Did you feel a little lonely before you got into all the social media stuff?” to which my response was that I’m actually LESS […]


Charles Hope’s birthday party December 11, 2007 Charles Hope, Grace Piper, Bill Cammack, Obreahny O’Brien, Rachel Clarke, Adam Quirk, Annie Arthur, Eric Rochow, Jackson West, Jared Klett, Nathan Freitas, Sonia Chaghatzbanian, Paul Idol, Brian Conley, CharlesHopeBirthday2007

Dude… Where’s My Twitter Link?

As I reported back on June 28, 2007, Twitter ‘ruined my life’ [link]. I realize _now_ that there’s something that I left out. Today, Charles Hope twittered… Yes, “twittered”… There’s no such thing as a “tweet” or else the app would be named “tweeter”…. Anyway… Charles twittered that the “older” link was no longer at […]