members sell their business!!! :D members Joshua Kinberg (Realfans Facebook member) & Jay Dedman are two of the founders of FireAnt, a computer application (called an “app”) that enables users to subscribe to, download, and play video podcasts. According to TechCrunch [link], FireAnt’s assets were acquired by Odeo for $400,000. Congrats, Fellas!!! 😀 Josh Kinberg’s thoughts on the acquisition: […]

Joost for Mac build pulled

The Joost for Mac build was pulled today [link: 19/02/07: Mac build pulled]. Fortunately, I already have mine. 😀 Basically, the idea behind Joost is video on demand with extras like widgets for a clock, jabber chat, chat with others on the same channel you’re watching, the ability to rate the video you’re watching, a […]

This Thursday’s “Reinventing Television”

This Thursday’s "Reinventing Television" Originally uploaded by Bill C.. Jonny’s guests this week on “Reinventing Television” are Zadi Diaz, Ryanne Hodson, Michael Verdi, Jay Dedman. Make sure you show up early, so you don’t miss out on J.Goldstein’s HARMONICA SKILLZ!!! 😀 ==> Watch the Video! Read The Chat!