Jersey Snore

I hadn’t thought it could get any worse, but last night’s Jersey Shore” was a complete waste of time. Apparently, it was a bunch of extra footage they had laying around that they decided to waste 44-minutes-plus-commercials’ worth of our time with. It was as if the production company delivered 11 episodes to MTV and […]

Did We Have Sex?

On this season of “Jersey Shore”, Deena, Vinny, and Pauly are roommates. Their beds are in the same room, at what appears to be a distance of 15 feet or less from each other. There is nothing stopping any of them from hearing and seeing everything that goes on in either of the other two […]

You’re drunk seven days a week.. You’re hooking up with girls..

Mental Breakdown In block 1, Nicole has a mental breakdown because nobody will explain to her that the way she carries herself is raunchy and unacceptable. This is the reason why people shouldn’t enable weirdos. At least, if you’re going to enable somebody that behaves strangely, balance your interaction with them with reality, or what […]

Jersey Shore vs. Regular People

I’m not a regular person. I never have been.. Most likely, never will be. My life is not “usual”.. The things I do aren’t “usual”. I don’t remember when I recognized this for sure, but I’ve been aware of my individuality for my entire life.. I was illin’ in kindergarten and never stopped. Because I […]

“Jersey Shore” Italy: Walk Like A Duck

“Jersey Shore” was complete garbage this week. As I predicted, when I found out that MTV was sending a bunch of non-Itaian-speaking people to Italy for no reason other than their chosen social subculture has been stereotypically attributed to Italian-AMERICANS (having nothing at all to do with Italians in Italy), they can’t socialize with anyone […]