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Obreahny ( & Bill ( cover Scholastic’s “Harry Potter Place” in New York City for Zadi & Steve’s (, based in Los Angeles, CA. Our Segment Field Producer / Camera: Bill Cammack On-Air Talent: Obreahny O’Brien Edit: Steve Woolf, Special thanks to Scholastic’s Sarah Trabucchi for the Press Access! 😀 I’m really happy with […]


Click To Play Bill & Obreahny hang out @ Sholastic’s “Harry Potter Place” in NYC to cover the midnight release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” for   Direct Download:     billcammack reelsolidtv video blog obreahny jetsetshow scholastic harrypotter harrypotterplace deathlyhallows

BillCammack shoutout on JetSetShow! :D

W00T! 😀 BillCammack shoutout on this week’s JetSetShow. 5 minutes into the program! 😀 DatingGenius would like to thank Zadi & Steve @ Smashface Productions! 😀 Click To Play Also featured, an interesting and cool-looking project from Brandon Fletcher called “Date Unknown”.

How to treat the ‘birds’

Young brother Rob has joined us from Newcastle, UK. I’m not sure how close that is to Nottingham Forest, but the same rules apply for you that applied for Robin Hood’s Merry Men! ….. shows how much I know about the UK :/ ….. The birds really enjoy….. um… do y’all still call them ‘birds’? […]