Selina’s “Bill Cammack” Animoto Montage

um… WOW! hahaha 😀

This is all @Brett‘s fault. Brett put up a reward for a picture of me when I wasn’t posing, and @Skyle figured she’d cash in!!! :O

Unfortunately, Selina didn’t know how hard it was going to be to get paid, so she had all these extra attempts and decided to make a montage out of them with Animoto! hahaha.. well…

I might have to use this as my show open from now on, hahaha

um.. Thanks, Selina… *waves* 😀

The Resident reports from Jeff’s 140Char conference

I haven’t had the time to upload any of my video from #140Char, so I’ll post someone else’s! 😀

Lori Harfenist: @TheResident
Jill Hanner: @JillHanner
Laura Fitton: @Pistachio
Jeff Pulver: @JeffPulver
Evan Slusher: @EvanSlusher


Next New Networks / Barely Digital Launch Party

Next New Networks / Barely Digital Launch Party – February 10, 2009