Julien on Japanese Watches

Julien Smith explains as much as he knows about his Japanese Watch to Bill Cammack

Sat Lunch

Sat Lunch, originally uploaded by gpiper.

Bill Cammack, Julien Smith, Mike Bailey, Dave Mansueto & Vergel Evans @ PodCampNYC

Photo by Grace Piper

PodCampNYC Party @ Slate

The kickoff party for PodCampNYC was this evening @ Slate. Amongst others, I got to meet and/or hang out with:

Vergel from Lx7, visiting from Canada
Chris from Network2
Grace from FearlessCooking
Drew & Alisa from Scriggity
Mike, Charles, Dina, Angus & Eric from blip.tv
Drew from Rocketboom
Kathleen from TheBurg.tv
Sandra from agtv
Nathan from Cruxy
Julien Smith from inoveryourhead.net
Malia from PBS
Karin from her mystery location… plus Karin’s sister

I didn’t see Eric Skiff, but my camera did.
I’m pretty sure I saw Christopher from financialaidpodcast, but he was ushered out of the aisle before I got a chance to say “hi”.

Here are the pics from the PodCampNYC @ Slate flickr set: