Gym, Day 07

in: 161.5
out: 162.25

I knew this morning that something was “wrong”. I was actually fully recuperated yesterday, and could have gone to the gym then, but I decided to hold off until today, just to see the difference. Today, I was completely ready to roll, but I had a hard time getting to the gym.

Physically, I’m doing fine. Mentally, I’ve hit a stage that I had forgotten about, which is “lack of motivation”. I’m basically already satisfied with how I look, which is the purpose of working out if you don’t play a particular sport. It’s like when Fonzie goes to the mirror and tries to comb his hair, but before he touches himself, he’s like “AAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 😀 ” and just walks away, hahaha. So I knew I needed to go to the gym today, I knew I could have gone yesterday but chose not to, and still, I just didn’t feel like going, haha. 😀 Continue reading “Gym, Day 07”