Virtual Virgins (You Got Served)

So, I’m talking to this chick I know, and she’s telling me about this ultra-positive, transformative physical experience she had with a guy. I’m listening to what she’s saying, and while she’s astounded, I’m thinking “Finally… Someone did the right thing.” I explained to her that what dude did, while uncommon, was exactly what he […]

Who Is Bob?

So I’m at a party and some sort of casual conversation is going on. There’s a break in the flow, and after a few seconds of silence, this woman says: “I love my Magic Bullet! :D” Now.. I live in New York City, where there are entirely too many women and not enough men here […]

Makeup [The Okey-Doke, Part 01]

So I’m having a discussion with reader “Ryan” about whether certain aspects of the rap industry are fake or whether rap is “real” theater.. I’m making a point about how kids listen to rap music written by wealthy guys who live in mansions and who also happen to be movie and television stars, yet they […]

Ladies: Stop Bringing Extra People On Dates

We’re going to file this one under “Common Sense”… I’m watching Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti’s trying to hook this millionaire chick (MC) up with a date, right? So she tells the MC to let the guy plan the date…

Fellaz: Stop Cockblocking The Ladies!

Cockblocking normally occurs when nosey-ass chicks refuse to mind their own business and attempt to stop a guy from getting laid. There are other times, however, when it’s a GUY’S fault that a GAL doesn’t get to meet a guy she might like to hook up with. o_O