Limor, Bill & Marion

Limor, Bill & Marion, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack.

Limor Schafman, Bill Cammack & Marion Freijsen

E.Factor launch party

Morrison Hotel Gallery, NYC

Bill, Sheryl & Bill

Bill, Sheryl & Bill, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack.

Bill Sobel, Sheryl Sobel & Bill Cammack

E.Factor launch party

Morrison Hotel Gallery, NYC

Asa, David, Mike, Alli, Bill, &

Asa Aarons, David Kowarsky, Mike Hudack, Allison Mooney, Bill Cammack

E.Factor launch party

Morrison Hotel Gallery, NYC

Facebook Pages And Social Ads

Facebook launched Facebook Pages today. This makes it easier for businesses, musicians, etc to represent themselves to the Facebook population, and makes it easier for the population to affiliate themselves with or review their favorites.

They have also launched Social Ads, which make use of your self-created affiliations to customize the ads you’re likely to see. This is a good idea, since the latest ads I’ve seen on facebook were for Microsoft Windows (which I don’t use), Harvard Business Online (which was down the street from my school, but I didn’t go there… except for parties! :D), and Elite Online Dating….. Are they trying to TELL me something? 😀

I think this is a great move, since a lot of people now use Facebook as their main source for daily information. It’s better to allow people to make business pages inside Facebook than have people search for a link and then go off-site to get the same information.

It’s also a great way for companies to enhance their online presence without spamming people’s friends lists.

PS – In case you can’t find the link to Facebook Pages, go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on Businesses and then you’ll get the options, including Facebook Pages.

Or, just click here. 🙂

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