Just Say What It Is

Everyone isn’t supposed to spend time with each other. Everyone isn’t supposed to be friends with everyone. Everyone isn’t supposed to be a winner. Maximize your chances at successfully relating to people by telling the the truth.

A funny thing happened to me the other day. 😀

In the recent past, I’ve had several conversations with a homegirl of mine that I kick The Game around with where the bottom line from her side was that if the dude would have just said XYZ to her, things would have gone better than what happened when he did what he did, which was think that he knew what to say to her because he was used to interacting with typical chicks.

This is a major issue for atypical people that have to interact with primitive people that follow a script instead of going with the flow of what’s really happening here.

Since these people’s brains can’t process anything outside their own understanding of life, they end up restricting your ability to relate to them because they refuse to tell you the truth. Continue reading “Just Say What It Is”