288 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep006 Saphron Restaurant

Direct Download: 720p HD | iPod | Windows Media | mp3 Audio | Blip | iTunes Travel with ReelSolid.TV's Bill C. to Maryland, USA to sit down with Charleen Obal, founder and owner of "Saphron" Restaurant. Show Links Saphron: http://SaphronRestaurant.com Ron Carter, Legendary Jazz Bassist: http://RonCarterBass.com Google Earth: http://Earth.Google.com

ReelSolid.TV / CollegeWit.com / JetSetShow.com Collab!!! :D

Obreahny (collegewit.com) & Bill (reelsolid.tv) cover Scholastic’s “Harry Potter Place” in New York City for Zadi & Steve’s (jetsetshow.com), based in Los Angeles, CA. Our Segment Field Producer / Camera: Bill Cammack On-Air Talent: Obreahny O’Brien Edit: Steve Woolf, Smashface.com Special thanks to Scholastic’s Sarah Trabucchi for the Press Access! 😀 I’m really happy with […]

Twitter Has “Ruined” My Life

For those of you that don’t know what twitter is… Basically, it’s a DIY (do it yourself) chat room. You choose people that you want to “follow”, and you can see when they type something to the twitter site. People can choose to follow YOU, and they’ll see what you type to twitter. There’s no […]

PodCamp NYC Starts Today!

PodCamp NYC starts today, Friday April 6th. There are lots of sessions to attend on Saturday at The New Yorker Hotel (481 8th Avenue at 34th St). Hi everyone, Eric Skiff here. We’re having a bit of trouble with our email service, and we’re currently not able to send mail to the PodCampNYC list. We’re […]