4×4 Meme from Jane Quigley

I’ve been tagged by Jane Quigley for this 4X4 meme. You’re given 4 questions and you need to give 4 answers, then tag 4 people. The list of people I’ve tagged and the list of questions are at the bottom of this post. 4 Jobs I’ve had 1) Video Editor: The Charlie Rose Show 2) […]

297 ReelSolid.TV s03 ep015 – Live Show Plus 4

ReelSolid.TV Episode #297 – Season 03, Episode 15 – Live Show Plus 4 Bill Cammack streaming live video via Ustream. Liz Burr streaming live audio via iChat Tyme White streaming live audio via Skype TheJennTaFur streaming live audio via iChat Darren Keith streaming live audio via Skype

Talkin’ Loud (or just A LOT) and Sayin’ Nothin’!

2008 is going to be the year when “Live” becomes a MAJOR player as far as video on the internet. IMO, Qik is the frontrunner right now, with live mobile. The first person I was aware of running around town with a Nokia N-Series phone was Steve Garfield. Eventually, I became aware of Rupert Howe […]

Leveraging Live Video Platforms

Kfir Pravda asks the question How can videbloggers leverage live video platforms? I think live video will enable individuals or production teams to foster closer relationships with their core group of viewers. I’ve seen Jonny Goldstein make excellent use of “live” from back in the days when we used to have to use telephone conference […]