SXSW Blogging Panel

So… Today, as I’m monitoring SXSW media and the lack thereof, I became aware that Lynne D. Johnson’s panel “Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers?” was going to happen this afternoon. Soon after that, I became aware that Loren Feldman was going to attend that panel. I found this interesting, because he was the creator […]

The Lab – Episode 03: BlogHer Business ’07

Thanks to Roxanne Darling (BareFeetStudios) & Elisa Camahort (, I’m currently attending BlogHer Business ’07. I ran into Dina Kaplan ( holding a roundtable discussion, and was interviewed by Megan Tobin (Time2Market). 🙂 Amongst many other bloggers, I met or got to hang out with: Lynne D. Johnson, Lisa Stone, Penelope Trunk, Boston […]

Digital Video Data Rate

First of all, I’d like to thank Lynne D. Johnson for the opportunity to blog as a Fast Company Expert. There are many reasons a particular digital video might not run well, or at all, on your computer. You might not have enough processor speed. Your video card might not be able to handle the […]