FWB (Friends With Benefits)

The other night, I had a fascinating conversation about what “Friends With Benefits” (FWB) means. FWB is an umbrella term that covers more than one situation. The “Benefits” part is the same, regardless… Sex, Hooking Up, Physical Intimacy, whatever you like to call it. The “Friends” part is what’s really in question.

Ho Into A Housewife?

Reader “Buxom” left a comment the other day on “Why You Got Dumped After Sex that requires its own post to discuss: Buxom: I need some advice. About a year ago I removed myself from an 8 year relationship after finding out my ex got not one but two women pregnant. Good Idea. Buxom: I […]

Making Out & Exclusive Commitments

A reader recently asked me something I’ve never thought about before. She asked me if my opinions in “Why You Got Dumped After Sex” also applied to lesser formats of hooking up, like making out, hummers, etc…

Unexpected Sex / Just The Way I Planned It

Reader “Gina” asked me a question, which I’ll paraphrase and then talk about: Gina met a guy on the internet and eventually went on an IRL date with him where their conversation about past history and near-future life goals seemed to be in sync and they both enjoyed the date. They went out on another […]