How To Approach Women

Reader “Grace” asked me what my technique was for approaching women…

Reader “Grace” asked me what my technique was for approaching women. I gave her the short answer to her question, but wasn’t able to elaborate, because I was responding on my Facebook page and not my blog, where I can go on and on about this stuff, ad infinitum.

Who Made Who?

Life is different for guys that women actually like and/or are attracted to.

This is why my blog posts about dating describe general circumstances that occur for and to common people.

It wouldn’t do you any good for me to tell you my technique for doing something, because it only works for me and people similar to me… It’s not something I’m doing, it’s the medium or environment surrounding me that makes anything work or not work for me.

For example, I’m highly educated (, so even if I know what the current slang words mean, they sound completely different when I’m saying them, compared to someone that actually lives life “in the street”. Continue reading “How To Approach Women”

Big City Dating (Meet The Parents)

Unforgivable BCI was watching a documentary last night about ultra-legendary actor Morgan Freeman offering to pay for a high school in Mississippi to have its first ever INTEGRATED. PROM. in the Year of Our Lord 2008 AD!!! :/. The thing that struck me as the most interesting (and, granted, as an editor, I know that I can make footage look like anything I want it to) was that the kids seemed okay with each other during regular everyday interactions. It wasn’t like the white kids and the black kids (according to the edit) disliked each other and were being forced to have an integrated prom.. in 2008 AD.

When asked why they were still having segregated proms although the school had been integrated since IIRC 1970…. hmm.. They were pretty late to the table with THAT to begin with! 😀 But the point is that when asked, everyone in the video pointed the finger at parents and school board members (read: still more old-ass people).

When the old-ass people were interviewed, they either shrugged their shoulders like “I don’t know why” or said something to the effect of “That’s how it’s always been” like as if they’re still watching 13″ Black & White Televisions because that’s what they had when they grew up. :/ I’ll give the interviewees PROPS for getting on screen and talking AT ALL. Cheers to them for making their ideas known and expressing themselves. 🙂 Seriously. There was one guy that was younger who was willing to talk to the camera, but he needed to be blurred out. They probably didn’t even use his voice. Continue reading “Big City Dating (Meet The Parents)”