Email. Not Facebook. Not Twitter. Not Phone. Not IRL…

In this time of social media, we have a lot of ways to communicate with each other.

Each one can be considered a level, or a gate, with one requiring more of a person’s time, energy, and focus than another.

Admission to the higher levels of interaction requires that you first prove yourself on one or more of the lower levels.

Street Game 07: Ladies: Meeting Men Without Looking Easy

Bill & Frank discuss how the ladies can meet men without looking cheap or easy! Listen / Download => Audio Version (.mp3) [12:18] Send “Street Game” questions to @BillCammack or More Episodes:

La Forza Del Destino

ok. This sucks. Some meetup. :/ How does it happen that there’s a meetup and you’re THE. ONLY. ONE. that shows up? At least they could have picked a bar with attractive girls. Damn. I’m practically bored to death… Good thing I like beer. *Future-Bill laughs at me as he would have just whipped out […]