Are You Still Relevant? [Part 1 of 2]

Rox, Grace, Bill & Laura – April, 2008 I had an interesting experience happen two months ago back in May, which I talked about in “Who Are You?”. Basically, I sent a friends request on Facebook to someone I was friends with in Elementary School and she had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who I was! 😀 […]

Do I Know You?

I’ve been transparent on the net since 2006, almost three years ago. In that time, I’ve gotten extremely used to people knowing SOMETHING about me before they meet me. Some people know that I edit. Some people know that I hang out with a lot of chicks. Some people know I’m into Social Media, etc […]

E.M.S. Episode 02: “World Trade Center Memorial”

Nov 18, 2006 – Passing by the 911 memorial @ the World Trade Center In N.Y.C., even if you drive somewhere, it doesn’t mean you’re going to find parking anywhere near your destination. On the way to the club from where we parked, we stopped by the World Trade Center Memorial location.