The Rules To Being In An Open Relationship [Free Agents]

People talk about being in open relationships like it’s the cool thing to do these days…

Lindsey ChenBill Cammack
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Lindsey: People talk about being in open relationships like it’s the cool thing to do these days. I don’t know, maybe it is. It’s never worked for me no matter how many times I’ve tried it.

Maybe non-relationship relationships are the new black. I just know that when you commit to an open relationship (that sounds like such an oxymoron), you walk a fine gray line.

Unless, of course, you follow these wise wise rules. Continue reading “The Rules To Being In An Open Relationship [Free Agents]”

Ho Into A Housewife?

Reader “Buxom” left a comment the other day on “Why You Got Dumped After Sex that requires its own post to discuss:

Buxom: I need some advice. About a year ago I removed myself from an 8 year relationship after finding out my ex got not one but two women pregnant.

Good Idea.

Buxom: I uprooted my life and moved back in with my mother and went back to school. After 6 months of dating with no “hooking up” I realized I had unresolved trust issues and wasn’t ready to be in another relationship.

Bill CammackThis makes sense. Part of entering a “relationship” with someone is vetting them.. personally vouching for them. You decide, using your own instincts that this person is trustworthy and actually loves you, yadda yadda.

When you find out something like dude hooked up with not only one, but TWO OTHER WOMEN (that you’re aware of) without using protection during an 8-year relationship with you, potentially endangering your health and or ENTIRE LIFE in the process, it’s going to be a traumatic experience. Continue reading “Ho Into A Housewife?”

The Sense Monogamy Makes (Exclusive Relationships)

I think monogamy makes sense under three conditions.. Fear, Scarcity & Obsession. Continue reading “The Sense Monogamy Makes (Exclusive Relationships)”

Enabling Cheating In Relationships (Enough Is Enough)

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve had to cover for our boy so he doesn’t get caught by his girlfriend/fiancee/wife cheating. Well.. If not “HAD TO”, we’ve all had it REQUESTED of us, and “the right thing to do” is hook your boy up and take one for the team.

Larry David’s had to do this several times by now for his homeboy/manager Jeff in his show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and after what I watched last night, I had to write about this stuff hahaha. Sorry cheaters… There comes a point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and you’re gonna have to get cut loose to sink or swim on your own.

I first became aware of this problem a long time ago. I searched for the episode reference, but couldn’t find it. I believe it was in season 01, and now, they’re in season 07. Anyway… Oh man, I was rollin’ off of this one! 😀

Larry and his boy live in California. They travel 3,000 miles away, to New York City and while they’re there, Larry’s boy Jeff hooks up with some chick. At the time, Jeff was married and so was Larry, so, realistically, Jeff shouldn’t have asked Larry to cover for him at all, being that they would have been taking similar risks getting caught hanging out with some chick that wasn’t their wives.

The Problem

So Jeff’s finished doin’ the do, and he asks his boy Larry for a favor, namely to make sure the chick Jeff just hooked up with gets wherever she needs to go safely (You don’t gotsta go home……. but you GOTSTA GET *THE* *HELL* OUT OF *HERE*!!! :D). Larry naively accepts this assignment and decides he’s going to walk this girl across Central Park to wherever she has to go. As soon as I saw this, I was like “Oh Boy… HERE. WE. GO!!!”. Continue reading “Enabling Cheating In Relationships (Enough Is Enough)”

Why Your Boyfriend Dumped You

So I’m reading this BlogHer post and the author is amazed that her boyfriend dumped her for not sexing him often enough (in this case, 3 times a week) and I’m like ????? What did you expect?

You know? I mean, really. :/ I find it amazing that we’re moving into the year 2009 and grown-ass-women who have access to books, televisions, IRL friends and computers are SURPRISED when they get dumped because they’re sexually incompatible with their significant other.

That’s why you were hired. Just about the ONLY items in your job description are:

  a) look good
  b) don’t act like a jerk
  c) be sexy

If you can’t do that, you deserve to be fired, and there shouldn’t be any question in your mind why you were ejected. I mean, it’s dumb… It’s like taking a job as a teacher and then complaining that kids keep showing up and asking you questions. :/ What did you EXPECT to do as somebody’s GIRLFRIEND? Continue reading “Why Your Boyfriend Dumped You”